Clubs from across the county often organise fundraising tournaments to help bolster their club's resources, develop the size and profile of their club and bring the local community together. The Kent FA endeavours to support all clubs within the county and this page brings together opportunities to get active and get involved.

Kent FA have recently received clarification from The FA regarding the U7 to U10 age groups, as stated below.

Further to several queries with regards to FA Rule 4A (iii), linked to competition formats for young players in the U7 to U10 age groups, questions have arisen about the summer tournaments organised by grassroots clubs and commercial companies. The query relates to whether these events can be run as a competition, for a trophy, with a published winner.

The FA Rule states that leagues can organise a maximum of three trophy events during the season, lasting a variety of different weeks according to age. The ‘league season’ in youth football typically runs from September to April/May and then there is a period of about 8 weeks that grassroots clubs and companies run tournaments, often with the purpose of generating income to fund the following season. These one-day club events are usually separate sanctioned events, via Form D, at the County FA.

Therefore, these one-day club/commercial events can be run for a trophy with a published winner, at all ages, if the organising club/company chooses to operate in this way. However, if they choose to run the younger age groups in a festival format this is permissible. 

If your club are holding a tournament this summer and want us to publicise your details, please email


Tournaments in Kent

29th - 30th July 2017 - Footscray Lions FC Tournament

29th July 2017 - Medway Town FC "King of the Town II" Pre-7s Tournament

26th - 27th August 2017 - Real 60 Youth FC Tournament

2nd - 3rd September 2017 - Hempstead Valley FC Tournament

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