Club Affiliation

Club Affiliations are now available for Season 2016/17.

Clubs who were registered for the 2015/16 season are now able to affiliate online for the forthcoming 2016/17 season using the Whole Game System. Whole Game System can now be used by Club Secretaries to affiliate their club, removing the need to work through the paper based process in order to complete affiliation.

There is a guide to accessing the Whole Game System in the Help section on the at  and the portal logon page can be found at  

The system has now been set-up in order for you to start the affiliation process. When you enter the Whole Game System you will need to click on your role as Club Secretary and then follow the “Affiliate 2016/17 ” tab which will appear on the left hand side of your screen. You can complete the affiliation process gradually so don’t worry if you do not have time to complete the process in one sitting, the information will be saved for when you next return.

When you enter your club’s affiliation form online you will find that last season’s information and teams have been migrated across and updated to how they may appear during the new season (i.e. Under-10s moved up to Under-11s etc). You will still need to review the team details carefully to ensure that they are in line with your club’s actual plans but you will be able to amend this information accordingly. In addition to affiliating for season 2016/17 you will also be able to enter your teams in the appropriate County Cup competition. The Whole Game System will recognise which competition is the right one for each of your teams and calculate any competition entry fees for you.

A series of training materials have been produced to assist you through the affiliation process. These include a printed guide, Frequently Asked Questions and a short video detailing the affiliation process. The materials can be found on the Help page on the Whole Game Portal or from Additional support can be provided by calling the office on 01622 791 850.

If you have any problems with Whole Game System please check the FAQ's below or alternatively contact the county office on 01622 791850 or at


New Clubs

New clubs wishing to affiliate to Kent should contact the Kent FA on 01622 791850 or to start the process.


Club Status

Club Status has now been agreed as;

  • All clubs playing within the National League System (Steps 1 – 7) are Senior Clubs
  • All other Saturday, Sunday and Ladies Clubs are Grassroots Clubs
  • All Clubs with only youth teams (up to and including u18) are Youth Clubs.

If you are unsure as to what status your club should be affiliated under please check with the League the Club is entering or alternatively contact the county office on 01622 791850 or at


County Cups

The status changes do not affect the Kent County Cups that clubs can enter, and cup entry standards remain as;

  • Kent Senior Cup - clubs at Step 4 and above.
  • Kent Senior Trophy - clubs at Step 5 & 6.
  • Intermediate Cup - Reserve teams of clubs participating in the Senior Cup or Senior Trophy (as long as the team is in the Kent County Football League or above, and plays its home matches at the ground of the first team).
  • Intermediate Challenge Shield - clubs playing in Premier (Step 7) and First Division of Kent County Football League.



It is mandatory for clubs to purchase public liability insurance that includes Player-to-Player cover.  Player-to-Player cover is required as without it, legal action can expose players with assets to be pursued through the courts over and above those without assets, and leaves injured players with a ‘lottery’ as to whether they have any real means of recourse in the event of them having sustained serious injury due to a negligent act on the field of play.  Player-to-Player cover protects all participants equally.

For the  2016/17 Season we have negotiated with CLUB COVER to retain the very competitive benefits and premiums provided for Youth Personal Accident Insurance, and to increase the level of benefits provided by all the Adult Personal Accident cover levels.  Clubs can opt-in to this insurance cover as part of the affiliation process.


Welfare Officers

Please note if your Club runs teams for any age-groups up to and including u18s, you must have a Welfare Officer in place in order to affiliate.  For further details on safeguarding and welfare please contact Val Hajialexandrou on 01622 792140 or email


Affiliation Number

Your affiliation number will be sent to you once you have successfully submitted your Affiliation Form in complete and correct order. The affiliation number will be found on the first line of payments under the heading affiliation and will begin with the letter Q, for example Q-KEN1234. 



The small-sided tournament sanction form is attached at the foot of this page. For further information please contact the Kent FA on 01622 791850.

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