Extra Time Service

The Kent FA is committed to sustaining and growing adult 11v11 football in the county and a new initiative aims to support teams before they fold.

The ‘Extra time’ service gives leagues, clubs and volunteers the ability to make the Kent FA aware of any teams that may fold and the opportunity to seek help and advice.

Teams may get into difficulty throughout the season be it through finances, lack of volunteers and/or players.

This is where we can all help!

Kent FA has a wide range of programmes and expertise which can support teams through these challenging times. The Kent FA offers a number of funding schemes, marketing opportunities and training for coaches and volunteers throughout the season.

So if you know of a team which could do with some help then please click here to complete a short questionnaire.

We are also encouraging leagues to place the ‘extra time’ help button on their website and promote to member clubs.

Football Development Officer, Lee Suter said “Very often by the time the Kent FA are made aware of a team folding it is too late. We hope that through this service we can support teams to overcome difficult times and become more sustainable in the future”.

Suter went onto say, “We have a vast level of experience at the Kent FA and we want our key stakeholders to make contact with us so we can help them no matter how big or small the challenge they face.”

For more details regarding the service and the adult, 11v11 game please contact Football Development Officer,  lee.suter@kentfa.com.

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