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The way grassroots Football is administrated is changing. Clubs, leagues, players, referees and other volunteers in Kent will benefit from a groundbreaking new online administration system called the Whole Game System being rolled out from Spring 2013.

 The Whole Game System will let you...

  • Affiliate to the Kent FA online
  • Manage finance online including payments
  • Process discipline online
  • Submit Charter Standard applications online
  • Apply for league sanctions online
  • Manage player registrations online
  • Have 24/7 access to your club records

Kent FA will be contacting clubs and leagues in the coming weeks with further details of the Whole Game System including information, workshops, training and support.

The Whole Game System will be managed online, so grassroots volunteers will need an up-to-date email address that they can use to access the system.  Please update and check your details on Member Services on the Kent FA website.  If you are having difficulties accessing the site to update your records please call the Kent FA office on 01622 791 850.


What is the Whole Game System?

Kent FA have been selected as a pilot county for the new system, which will provide a complete and comprehensive online package available to clubs, leagues, referees and players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Accessed via the Kent FA website, the Whole Game System will integrate the existing online and paper-based processes that currently exist in grassroots football, including player registration, league and club affiliations, league sanctioning, discipline and referee registrations.  The Whole Game System will also provide a complete financial management package for clubs including the facility to make affiliation payments, pay competition entry fees and pay fines or other charges.

The purpose of the Whole Game System is to provide grassroots volunteers and the wider Football workforce a streamlined and accessible administration experience.  Further details of the system will be announced shortly including timescales for delivery, and training and support available to the clubs, leagues and volunteers who will use the system.


Benefits to Clubs

  • Clubs will be able to affiliate for each new season online, including pay affiliation fees to Kent FA
  • Clubs will be able to amend and edit important Club information throughout the season
  • Clubs will be able to process discipline through the system, including paying fees electronically
  • Clubs will be able to apply for, manage and administer all Charter Standard processes online
  • Clubs will be able to share information with their League and Kent FA


Benefits to Leagues


  • Leagues will be able to apply for sanction for each new season online, including paying fees to Kent FA
  • Leagues will be able to amend and edit important league information throughout the season
  • Leagues will be able to monitor discipline through the system
  • Leagues will be able to apply for, manage and administer all Charter Standard processes online
  • Leagues will have access to all relevant information relating to their clubs


What happens next?


  • Make sure that you have your access details in place (FAN and password; as used when accessing Members’ Services)
  • Club Secretaries will be able to access Live WGS in May 2014

Kent FA have already begun the rollout procedure with communications testing, and will be contacting clubs and leagues who do not have up to date email records in the coming weeks to request an update to their records on Member Services, accessed through the Kent FA website.

Chief Executive Paul Dolan explained the benefits of the system;

“The Whole Game System will change the way grassroots volunteers run their clubs, leagues and competitions.  Replacing the old paper systems of discipline and payment will save time and money for club volunteers.  The Whole Game System also integrates CAS, Full Time, MOAS and the other existing systems so there will be a single, streamlined point of contact for everyone involved in administrating grassroots football.”

“As a pilot County we’re in the first group of County FAs to be using it and our role is to get the new system into full operational use whilst working with clubs and leagues to resolve any problems or queries that might come about as a result of using the new system.”

To learn more about the new Whole Game System check out this video

You can log into the Whole Game System via the following link https://wholegame.thefa.com