Reporting Discipline

Whenever a Referee cautions or dismisses a player from the field of play or is reporting other forms of misconduct, they shall prepare a report of the incident or incidents. Within two days of the match (Sunday not included), this report must be submitted over the internet or sent by first class mail addressed to the Discipline Department at Kent FA.

All reports shall be made on the Multi Caution Report Form or the Standard Misconduct Report Form.

Multi Caution Match Report Form 
A Multi Caution Match Report Form has been developed that permits all cautions from a fixture to be reported to a County Association on one form. Apart from a double caution that results in a dismissal, these should be reported on a standard misconduct report form.
Referees will be required to complete and submit forms to the appropriate County Association giving details of the fixture, details of the player cautioned and code for the offence that has been committed, i.e. C1 to C7. Referees are reminded that, in using the Multi Caution Match Report Form, the following guidance needs to be taken into consideration:
• A Multi Caution Match Report Form is to be used for cautions only. 
• Players receiving two cautions in a game must be reported on a Standard Misconduct Report Form and not on a Multi Caution Match Report Form.
• Players sent off or other reports of misconduct need to be reported individually on a Standard Misconduct Report Form.
• A Multi Caution Match Report Form should be sent to the Kent FA to which a club is “parented” showing only the cautions administered to players during that game.
• To assist the Kent FA in the administration of cautions, please include team details on the Multi Caution Match Report Form i.e. 1st, Reserves, U18, U17 etc, full names of players and teams

Standard Misconduct Report Form 
Use an individual copy of the Standard Misconduct Report Form to report each incident of:
• A player receiving two cautions in a game and therefore dismissed from the field of play 
• A player being sent off for any other offence 
• Other misconduct by a player (except for a caution), club official or spectator, etc 

FA Learning - Guide to Misconduct Report Writing
If you need assistance in compiling your report you can download a PDF version of 'A Guide to Misconduct Report Writing', located at the bottom of this page. This document gives excellent advice on best practice with regard to reports using a range of different scenarios.

Electronic Multi Caution and Send Off / Misconduct forms
Electronic Multi Caution and Send Off / Misconduct forms are available to assist Referees and the general administration of discipline. Hardcopy forms can be used when the referee has no access to email.

Please click here for further explanation and guidance.

Disciplinary forms must be sent to

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