Here at the Kent FA, we understand the importance of governance to ensure a positive game for all in Kent.

Through robust and effective governance, we help shape and support the administration of clubs and leagues and influence the development of players, coaches, match officials, and volunteers and the overall culture of the game.

Through corporate governance, we can fulfil our mission TO SAFEGUARD, GOVERN, AND DEVELOP FOOTBALL ACROSS KENT.

We meticulously ensure that our values are upheld and delivered by all who represent Kent FA, allowing us to succeed in our vision to UNITE, INSPIRE, AND DEVELOP A BETTER FOOTBALL EXPERIENCE FOR ALL.

Here at the Kent FA, we pride ourselves on the following values and behaviours:

INCLUSIVE – championing a game that is available for all and provides equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of background, experience, and perspective.

PROGRESSIVE – embracing new ideas to deliver excellence and giving our staff the freedom to innovate will help us best meet the needs of the game.

PASSIONATE – Demonstrating enthusiasm and creativity to drive the growth of football in our county with a sense of pride.

INNOVATIVE – embracing new ideas for continuous improvement.

kent fa organogram

Kent FA Organisation Structure