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Our Strategy for the Kent Football Experience

Kent FA is the not-for-profit, governing body of football in Kent which runs Representative teams and County Cup competitions.

We grow participation, promotes diversity and regulates the game for everyone to enjoy. Over 45,000 players of all ages and 15,000 volunteers help Kent FA keep the grassroots game going.

Kent FA is recognised by The FA as one of the leading County FAs in the country. Kent FA supports football at all levels in the county and has successfully developed outstanding business and community partnerships. For example, Kent FA won a prestigious 2015 Kent Excellence in Business Award in the 'Business Commitment to the Community' category. The judges recognised Kent FA as an innovative organisation, with: ‘The passion for making grassroots football accessible for all.’

Kent FA is dedicated to improve services to the benefit of all who are involved in football in Kent. There are many challenges to be faced. Not least is the Government’s requirement to see a return from their own investment in sport. Some of the specific local challenges include attracting new volunteers and ensuring that there are sufficient, high quality football pitches available for community use.

There is significant housing growth planned for Kent. Consequently, more high quality outdoor sports facilities will be needed to meet the needs of both existing and new communities. Kent FA already works with many Local Authorities to plan new and improved football facilities and is committed to encourage even greater participation in football, for people of all ages and abilities.

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Kent FA has set targets for 2015 – 2019 which will form the Kent Football Experience

Improve the condition of 80 existing grass football pitches and support 25 Artificial Grass Pitches.

  • Develop a housing football pitch calculator to calculate the number of new football pitches required to support an increase in population in each local authority.
  • Manage the decline of adult male 11v11 football with 967 teams in affiliation and consult with players aged 16+ on what they want from their football experience.
  • Sustain and increase participation levels with 945 mini-soccer teams, 1,352 youth male teams , 39 adult female teams, 111 youth female teams, 75 male disability teams and 5 female disability teams in affiliation.
  • Develop better players through 21 new FA Youth Module 3 coaches and a dedicated ‘Coaching Academy’ at Kent FA.
  • Enhance the match day experience with 90% of adult and youth football matches officiated by a registered referee.
  • Reflect the demographics of Kent through an inclusive football workforce:
    - 10% BAME coaches
    - 10% female coaches
    - 3% disabled coaches
    - 10% BAME referees
    - 5% female referees
    - 3% disabled referees
  • Assist volunteers with their football administration by promoting innovative online processes:
    - 90% of clubs affiliating online
    - 90% of leagues sanctioning online
    - 90% of discipline reported online
    - 90% of referees registering online
  • Use modern and effective marketing and communication methods to raise awareness and improve perception of the Kent FA.

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