Customer Charter

Kent FA recognise that football is in industry that thrives on emotions and we are therefore, keen to develop an organisational culture which influences how we work and what we see as acceptable standards.

Kent FA are the custodians of football in Kent and we strive to be ‘Ahead of the Game’ in everything we do. This is not a grand mission statement or a far sighted vision but a plan to focus our work ensuring that we provide excellent customer service to all our stakeholders. 

What do you want from Kent FA?

At a Customer Service consultation event you told us that the following were key priorities in relation to the service provided by Kent FA: 
• Support 
• Friendliness 
• Accessibility 
• Consistency 
• Professionalism 
• Leadership 
• Visibility 
• Recognition 
• Feedback 

What service will you get from Kent FA?

Kent FA is committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement and working towards higher standards of service delivery to support football in Kent. We have put the following service standards in place that we are committed to delivering: 
1. We will carefully listen to you and ensure we fully understand your needs. 
2. We will always be polite, helpful and treat you with respect. 
3. We will endeavour to be available when you need us through a variety of communication methods. 
4. We will provide you with clear, consistent and comprehensive answers. 
5. We will ensure that our staff have been trained to appropriate levels in order to provide you with accurate information. 
6. We will provide the strategic direction for football in Kent ensuring that we protect and promote the interest of grassroots football at every opportunity. 
7. We will ensure that our staff and members are visible throughout the county.  
8. We understand that the majority of people working to develop grassroots football give their time voluntarily and will match this passion and commitment by demonstrating that we have your best interests at heart at all times.  
9. We value any feedback you have about improving our services. 

How do I make a complaint? 

If you have not received the levels of service that you expect then we want to know about it so that we can put it right and reduce the chance of it happening again. 
In all circumstances, individuals are positively encouraged to raise their concerns within these procedures. 
1. Please raise your complaint to the relevant member of Kent FA that is dealing with your issue immediately so that it can be resolved to your satisfaction. The first stage is designed to resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. 
2. If the matter cannot be resolved quickly and efficiently then please write to the Chief Executive Officer, Kent County FA, Invicta House, Cobdown Park, London Road, Ditton, Kent, ME 20 6DQ or email within 28 days of the issue explaining the initial complaint and the reason for the continued dissatisfaction. 
3. If you are still not totally satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with then please write to the Chairman, Kent County FA, Invicta House, Cobdown Park, London Road, Ditton, Kent, ME 20 6DQ. 
We will keep those raising the complaint informed of progress at each stage of the process.