Football Referee - Discipline

Kent FA Discipline Panel

Kent FA are looking to recruit new members for the Kent FA Discipline Panel.

The Discipline Panel at Kent FA is made up of members of Kent FA Council as well as Independent Members and we are looking to recruit members who are committed, diverse and reflective of the local communities and grassroots football in Kent.

Discipline panel members adjudicate on the result and – if applicable – sanction to be imposed as a result of a misconduct charge being levied by Kent FA. These are done via attendance at discipline hearings, which take place when clubs, teams, leagues or individuals are alleged to have committed offences which have caused charges to be raised against them by the County FA.  The parties charged with offences can either select to have their hearing be held based on submitted paperwork in their absence (Non-Personal Hearing) or to appear before the panel and have their case heard in person (Personal Hearing).  The hearing provides the opportunity for all evidence to be heard, questions to be asked of the witnesses whose evidence saw the charges raised, and the panel members to adjudicate and cast a verdict on the charge(s) as proven on not proven. 

All discipline panels are made up of a Secretary, Chair, and two Panel Members.  The Chair and Panel Members are in the decision-making roles while the Secretary is there to ensure FA regulations are being followed and to provide guidance to the panel.  Of the three members with decision making power a majority verdict is required to find a charge proven.

Discipline hearings both Personal and Non-Personal are currently taking place online via video link although there may be some hearings in the future, which will be held at Kent FA HQ in Aylesford.

Panel members may also have to attend FA Appeal Boards when decisions of County FA’s are challenged, and adjudicate on wrongful dismissal claims when clubs make an application for the sanction for a on-field dismissal to be removed.

Further details and information on the discipline process in grassroots football can be found HERE

Panel Member Requirements

In the recruitment of new panel members, Kent FA are looking for candidates who are able to demonstrate they can perform the main accountabilities and show the personal characteristics displayed below:

Main Accountabilities

To attend annual FA panel member training.
To assist in Discipline Commissions at local County Associations, when appointed, in accordance with FA Disciplinary procedures.
To assist the Chairman of the delivery of written judgements on all cases as required by the Chairman.
Act as an advocate for The FA, promoting a culture of respect for inclusion and championing inclusion and anti‚Äźdiscrimination across football.
To ask relevant and effective questions to those in attendance to gather evidence.
To administer sanctions using FA discipline guidelines in collaboration with other panel members.

Personal Characteristics

Ability to work collaboratively with others.
A sound knowledge of football judicial processes.
Strong interpersonal and influencing skills.
Understanding of football at all levels.
Patience and diplomacy.
Be able to abide by strict confidentiality guidelines.
Feel comfortable in leadership role.
Have confidence in public speaking.
Access to internet connection with working video and sound.

This role is voluntary, with travel expenses paid for travel to Kent FA Hearings, Kent FA Panel Meetings, FA Training, and FA Appeal Boards.

As panel members you may come into contact with young people as part of your role and are therefore subject to Safeguarding requirements including attending a panel members briefing held by Kent FA’s Designated Safeguarding Officer, and completing specific FA Training required in order to qualify as panel member at hearings where young people are involved.

Panel members will also have the opportunity for progression, with training for the role of Chairperson and also the opportunity to train to become a member of The FA Serious Case Panel available should any panel members wish to undertake this further training.

All discipline hearings are confidential and any successful applicants will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement.


The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday 14th May 2021.

If you have any questions on this process please contact Richard Judd, Football Services Manager at Kent FA, on or 01622 791850