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The Kent FA Youth Council is designed to inspire, empower and provide a voice for all children and young people to influence change and develop a lasting legacy in football across Kent. Through collaboration, decision making and creativity, the Youth Council lead their projects to raise awareness, find solutions to local grassroots football issues and areas of concern that they consider important.


Our Youth Council comprises of 17 young people from across the county aged between 13 and 22yrs. These 17 ambassadors have various experiences within grassroots football in Kent, including playing, coaching and refereeing. Within the group, we also have some ambassadors who have additional roles, such as Head of Youth Council, Team Leader for Communications, Team Leader for Development and Team Leader for Projects. Each Team Leader is also responsible for overseeing a team of four or more ambassadors.

Youth Council

Kent FA Youth Council – Ambassador Opportunities

Kent FA Girls ETC Trial Days

In September 2022, Kent FA hosted three trial days at K Sports, Bromley FC and Whistable Town FC to identify players for the Kent FA Emerging Talent Centre launch. Across the three events, there were over 100 players in attendance. Eight of our Youth Council supported the events across various roles, including registration of trialists, player/team support, player/team coordination and talent identification support.

Kent FA Pokémon Futsal Tournaments

In February and March 2023, Kent FA hosted two days of County FA futsal tournaments in association with Pokémon, these tournaments took place at Medway Park and consisted of a boys and girls tournament, with the winners going on to the regional finals, representing the Kent County. Across the two events, there were over 20 teams and 200 players in attendance. One of our Youth Council supported the events across various roles, including registration of teams, player/team/manager support, player/team coordination and reporting of scores to the tournament organisers.

Kent Female Volunteer Forum

In March, Kent FA hosted the second Female Volunteer Forum of the year at Ashford International Hotel, which provided an opportunity for women to share their experiences, empower each other and meet others with a shared passion. One our inspirational female Youth Council ambassadors was invited along to feature on a specialist panel of speakers to share her experiences and journey to date within football.

Working Groups & Committees

Kent FA has a range of different working groups and committees across the different functions within the county FA. These working groups and committees are integral to ensuring that the opinions, thoughts, and considerations of those involved in Kent grassroots football play a role in the development of football in the county. As part of this process, it is vital that we also hear the voice of young people, which is why we are delighted to have eleven of our Youth Council members part of the following working groups and committees for the 2022/23 season:

Kent FA Council – 2x Youth Council Ambassadors 
Kent FA Board Working Group – 1x Youth Council Ambassadors
Kent FA Pathways Working Group – 1x Youth Council Ambassadors
Kent FA EAG/IAG Group – 1x Youth Council Ambassadors
Kent FA Female Pathways Working Group – 1x Youth Council Ambassadors
Kent FA Male (Youth) Working Group – 1x Youth Council Ambassadors
Kent FA Coaches CPD Working Group – 2x Youth Council Ambassadors
Kent FA Football Development Committee – 2x Youth Council Ambassadors


Toby Elgar

Football Development Officer - Youth & Mini Soccer