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Every club relies on volunteers, and we understand that sometimes it can be challenging to find the right people who embody your club’s ethos.

Don’t worry, we can help. Check out some of our ideas below.

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The Perfect Match is our designated noticeboard, which allows clubs or leagues to advertise volunteering opportunities for various positions. Through our noticeboard, you can provide detailed information on what the role requires and contact details for interested volunteers to get in touch.

Click here to visit The Perfect Match noticeboard to place an advert and find volunteers.

Please note that all adverts are moderated and only approved adverts will be shown.

Our Next Gen App aims to recognise and reward young people in Kent who are volunteering their time across grassroots football. Through our ‘Featured Opportunities’ tab on the app, clubs, leagues, and providers can advertise volunteering opportunities that young people in Kent can get involved in whilst getting recognised and rewarded at the same time!

If you are a club, league or provider that has a volunteering opportunity available which you would like us to promote through our Next Gen App, please complete the following form by clicking here.

Most colleges and universities will have sports courses, where students will be either encouraged or required to go out to different sports environments to collate volunteering hours. 

Reach out to your local colleges and universities, particularly their student unions, to find out more information on the courses delivered and how you may potentially be able to promote the opportunities you have available at the club, which could benefit the students in their network!

To get you started, below are the contact details for both the University of Kent and Canterbury Christchurch University who regularly engage in the Kent Grassroots Football Community:

University of Kent - kentunion@kent.ac.uk

Canterbury Christchurch University - hello@ccsu.co.uk

Most main chain supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison, etc. will have a Community Champion responsible for their store. In some cases, their contact information may be available on their website, alternatively, visit your local store and ask for their contact details. 

It is advised to explain to them about the work that the club does, what impact the club has on the local community, and why you are looking for more volunteers, to mutually identify how they may be able to support you with this.

Most main chain supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrison, etc. will have a community noticeboard, which you may have seen near the entrance to a store or near the checkouts. 

It is advised to ask either through the supermarkets’ Community Champion or within the store how you could go about placing an advert on these noticeboards.

These noticeboards are regularly engaged with by those in their local community to keep up to date with what is going on in the area. Ensure that adverts stand out visually, look engaging, and highlight the environment that you create at the club, including phrases such as inclusive, fun, and community.

Within clubs there are usually parents who have children in their team that may be open to volunteering, but typically either need support in developing their confidence to do so or need more information around what this would involve and what they would be committing to. 

It is advised that at various points of the season, to host a parents evening or get togethers where parents are invited to attend an evening at the club to connect with other parents, have some food, and most importantly give the club the opportunity to inform and explain about what volunteering at the club looks like and what support is in place to guide them in the position. Having a current volunteer at the club speak on the evening and share why they got into it, what their experience has been like, and why they would encourage others to get involved, can be really inspiring and motivational to those seeking to get involved. 

Alternatively, some best practice from clubs across Kent have shared how they capture information via player registration forms at the start of a season, capturing information from parents and carers around their occupation and time which they may have available to volunteer within the club.

In addition, at Kent FA we have a team of Community Champions and Equal Game Ambassadors who can deliver ‘Stepping Over The Sidelines’ workshops to aid this transition into volunteering and support the growth or/and introduction into female football. If you are interested in getting access to these workshops in your club, get in touch with us today at Development@KentFA.com