FA Equality

Equality Advisory Group

The Equality Advisory Group (EAG) is an independent body which was founded in 2008, with the groups primary focus being to maintain a strategic overview of Kent FA’s work from an inclusion perspective.

The group meets 3 to 4 times per season and members have a membership term of three years and can serve three consecutive terms.

The EAG exists to advise Kent FA on policy and strategy development, helping to ensure the needs of minority groups and emerging communities in Kent football are met. The EAG is also responsible for checking and challenging the Kent FA, which is vital in ensuring Kent FA embeds equality, diversity, and inclusion across the organisation, whether that be its everyday operations or long-term strategic plan. EAG is also designed to assist Kent FA in the identification of any organisational risks associated with equality and diversity, as well as being able to support inclusion work, programmes, campaigns, or consultations the Kent FA run.


  • Nicola Rabson
  • Tom Tsangarides
  • Elise Rendall 
  • Bev Latham 
  • Daniel Fenner 
  • Vinny Wagjiani 
  • Aji Ajibola 
  • Anne-Britt Karunaratne 
  • Rahul Joshi
  • Rashpal Shergill