Cerebal Palsy Football in Kent

Cerebral Palsy Football is growing in Kent

We are excited to announce a new football session for young people with Cerebal Palsy has been launched in Thanet!

We are pleased to announce that on the 18th January we are launching a new Turn Up and Play Cerebral Palsy Football Session in Partnership with the Kent Community Health NHS Trust.

Weekly sessions will be held every Thursday 5-6pm in the Sports Hall at Baypoint Sports Club, Sandwich, CT139QL.

Sessions are for ambulant players with Cerebral Palsy and Neurological disorders such as a stroke or brain injury, including those that use a frame or walker.

The aim of the session is to support existing players that already play in a team and recruit new players. There is no commitment to attend all sessions, participants are able to just turn up and pay per session.

Cerebral Palsy Football has been designed, developed and trialled with lots of feedback from coaches, equipment specialists, physiotherapists, parents and the players themselves to create a truly player centred football opportunity. We are working hard to increase participation opportunities, raise the profile and provide support for coaches and players.

We currently have Over 70 affiliated PAN Disability Teams across the county that cater for players with Cerebral Palsy and also Kings Hill Frame FC that cater just for players that use a frame.

For information contact Lauren.Cundy@kentfa.com or 01622792140