Kent Junior Cup A Winners 2019

Red Velvet Lift the Kent Junior Cup A Silverware!

By Alfie Hill, Kent Sports News

Red Velvet Lift the Kent Junior Cup A Silverware!


It was the last final of the day and it was the Junior Cup A Final between Red Velvet FC and Tenterden Town FC. Red Velvet were looking to win just like their other half who won 4-3 on penalties in the final just before this game, but a very eager Tenterden Town FC were looking to stop this ideology!

Tenterden got us underway and were quick to attack with some quick chances falling their way. The first coming to Ryan Vaughn who managed to find some space on the edge of the box for a shot, but the shot was easily blocked on the 7th minute. Then they had another chance, just minutes later, on the 11th minute, when a free kick from captain Jordan King floated into the box but nothing was to come from it.

Velvet was quick to respond to these chances and on the 12th minute they had a great chance to put themselves ahead. A lovely cross into the box created a few chances but a red shirt couldn’t get their head on it to head it in, allowing Dean Bate to punch it away. Velvet then had another chance which was easily the best chance of the game so far, when Alf Maisey pushed his way through and tricked two defenders by sending them the wrong way! However, the final product was not as good as the buildup as Maisey got well under the ball and sent it over the bar on the 15th minute.

Velvet continued to create chances, but they were just not clinical enough.  Jack Taylor almost headed home on the 16th minute but he just couldn’t get the right connection as it headed straight at Bate in goal. Then Charlie Vizzard’s cross turned into more of a shot as it headed goal bound but Bate was able to make a comfortable save on the 17th minute. Velvet then finally had a clear-cut chance when an incredible ball found Tom Malyon who was one on one with Bate. However, Bate got the best of Malyon as he kept the game at 0-0 on the 20th minute. 

Velvet started to look the better team as they began to create plenty of chances, but nothing was coming from them. However, a lovely curling effort from Maisey almost gave Velvet the lead but Bate continued to stay on form and pulled of a sublime save to keep the game at 0-0 on the 23rd minute. Tenterden finally had a chance of their own on the 39th minute when Ben Lancaster hit the ball sweetly on the volley, but the ball just whistled over the crossbar. 

Velvet then had the last chance of the half with some lovely play from Maisey and Malyon almost created a chance, but the defenders were quick to respond and broke the chance down.

Liam Vitoria then blew his whistle to bring the first half to a close. It had been quite a close half, but Velvet seemed to just be edging it, leading to fans thinking they could take the lead they deserved in the second half.

Velvet got us kicked off for the second half and straight away they had the ball in the back of the net on the 49th minute! A lovely ball in from Ollie Hickman caused a lot of commotion in the box leading the ball to roll out the box. It then fell to captain Harry Pieske who hit the ball straight into the net, giving Velvet a well-deserved lead! 

Tenterden were quick to respond as a free kick from Bate on the halfway line flew into the box aimed towards Jack Goldsmith. However, Goldsmith just couldn’t get his head on it to create a final product on the 54th minute. Tenterden continued to push for an equalizer and almost got it when Harry Goddard ran through the defence and played it towards Justin Howard. However, Howard paused which allowed defenders to recover which then rushed him into playing it back to Goddard. Goddard’s shot was then blocked bringing the chance to an end. 

Velvet then picked the ball up from this block and pushed forward. A lovely ball in from Maisey found Malyon who brought the ball down and then fired it straight into the net, making it 2-0 on the 64th minute.  Just ten minutes later, Tenterden almost got one back when Culley Sayer managed to get a shot of but it just snuck wide.

Velvet then responded to this chance by almost making it 3-0! Malyon managed to get a shot of in space which rattled off the crossbar! The ball then fell to Taylor whose shot was then stopped on the line on the 77th minute.

The game then started to die out, but Velvet then had a chance to make it 3-0 again when they were awarded a penalty. Maisey stepped up to put it away but Bate who had been on spectacular form all game guessed the right way on the 86th minute!

Liam Vitoria then blew his whistle to signify a Red Velvet win meaning that both Red Velvet teams took home a trophy! However, Tenterden were unlucky and we will hopefully see them next year in the final where they could possibly win.

Red Velvet FC: Liam Barnes, Ollie Hickman, Charlie Vizzard, Bill Burt, Kasey Pamplett, Sam Thompson, Sam Smith, Harry Pieske (Captain), Jack Taylor, Alf Maisey, Tom Malyon.
Subs: All Subs were used via the revolving sub system.
Subs: Luke Jacobs, George McMahon and Tom Turner. 

Tenterden Town FC: Dean Bate, Jack Goldsmith, Richard Quigley, Richard Larkin, Josh Long, Ben Lancaster, Jordan King (Captain), Harry Hunt, Brad Burton, Justin Howard, Ryan Vaughn. 
Subs: All Subs were used via the revolving sub system.
Subs: Harry Goddard, Tom Corden, Tony Oladipupo, Culley Sayer and Jay Parker. 

Player Of The Match: Alf Maisey (Red Velvet FC)

Referee: Liam Vitoria
Match Assistants: Brian Wheatley and Stephen Ryan. 
Fourth Official: Andrew Wager.