Group taking part in the RBLI Britain's Bravest Event

Britain’s Bravest Military Challenge Comes to Kent!

Britain’s Bravest Military Challenge Comes to Kent!

On the 28th September, teams from across Kent will be coming to Mote Park to take on Britain’s Bravest Military Challenge to raise money for the Royal British Legion!

Are you ready for a team challenge like no other? RBLI have joined forces with BMF and Bear Grylls to create Britain's Bravest Military Challenge.

BMF have worked with military leaders to create the most authentic experience possible. You will take on demanding military based challenges and training drills, requiring you to dig deep in a series of fun but physically demanding challenges:

  • Insertion - This will simulate the move into battle, carrying equipment and moving in teams with a 1-2 km run to main exercise area.
  • Battle exercises - This will simulate the rigours of battle and will be run as a high intensity military circuit with shuttle runs, casualty carries and equipment carries.
  • Extraction - This will simulate a rapid move away from the battle area and will incorporate a casualty evacuation; a team focused element with stretcher carries and log runs.

The event is taking place across 20 locations across the country and in Kent it will be held in Moat Park, Maidstone on Saturday 28th September.

This is a fundraising event for RBLI and we’re asking participants to raise £100 to help our most vulnerable veterans. Registration for the event is £10 per person. Come in a team of 10 or as an individual to be placed in a team with others. The best team on the day will take home Britain’s Bravest medals.

So, gather your team, take on the challenge and see if you can be #BritainsBravest!

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