Join the team at CALM

Take on the Pledge and spread the word about CALM in your area

There’s no getting away from it, this Christmas is a weird one.

With footy still off it means no frozen pitches, no getting the orange ball out (you don’t see too many of those anymore do you?) and no finishing games as it gets dark. It also means it can feel like there’s no way to relax or escape (well, at least there’s loads of footy on the TV).

So make sure to take time for yourself  And while you’re secretly checking the scores on your phone during another board game why not sign up your club and yourself with CALM. You’ll get loads of tactics to help if you're feeling a bit crap, tips on how to check in on your mates to make sure they’re OK, as well as being able to take part in stuff like Fantasy League.

Join the team

We want every club and player in the Kent FA to join the team at CALM. To kick things off we want you to take on the Pledge and spread the word about CALM in your area and with your club. And we're here to support you to do that.

What to expect

Emails full of ideas and tips to help you spread those CALM vibes
CALM materials like kit badges to show your support your club or league (you can even kiss the badge if you’d like)
An invite to a CALM induction to show what CALM do and how to let people know about their services

Have a great Christmas - and remember, football might be off at the moment, but even when we’re at home and we’re social distancing, you can still captain your team from your front room. So drop your mate a whatsapp video of that goal you just saw or just say hey - it might make their day.

That’s what the partnership with CALM is all about - having a team of mates on your side.