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Kent FA to Host England Talent Day

Details of our 2021 England Talent Day for players aged 7-16 with cerebral palsy, hearing impairments and visual impairments.

Kent FA are pleased to announce the date for their 2021 England Talent Day for players aged 7-16 with cerebral palsy, hearing impairments and visual impairments. 

The England Talent Day is an integral part of The FA's Disability Talent Pathway, identifying young players playing disability and mainstream football aged between 7-11 and 12-16 years old.

Kent FA will be running their England Talent Day on Friday 4 June 2021 at K Sports Cobdown, Station Rd, Ditton, Aylesford ME20 6AU from 11am to 2pm. 
One Player, Two Journeys, Three Lions.

The England Talent Day is an opportunity for players to start their journey on the FA’s Disability Talent Pathway, all while still playing for their current clubs in Kent and this could lead to one day having the opportunity to represent their country!

If you have a hearing impairment, visual impairment or cerebral palsy and would like to attend the talent day, please register below:

England Talent Day Online Registration Form

The FA Disability pathway aims to recruit players that can progress to FA Regional Talent Centres, FA Emerging Talent Programme, England Development Squads and England Elite Squads as highlighted within The FA’s Disability Player Pathway.

If you would like more information about the England Talent Day being hosted Kent FA, please contact Toby Elgar (Football Development Officer – Inclusion) via toby.elgar@kentfa.com

England Talent Day

Eligibility/Classification Information Required

Partially Sighted Players:
1. Must provide a consultant letter highlighting visual acuity and field measurements.
2. Must submit a British Blind Sport classification certificate evidencing a classification of B2 or B3 with 'best correction.' All players must be members of British Blind Sport in order to obtain a classification certificate (for further information please visit http://www.britishblindsport.org.uk) 

Deaf Players:
1. Must provide a letter from an audiologist confirming the hearing impairment and detailing audiograms conducted on both ears.
To demonstrate eligibility for the programme, all players must be calculated as having an average number greater than, or equal to 55 dB hearing level across 500, 1000 and 2000 Hz frequencies in both ears. A guide to help with the reading of these audiology reports can be accessed on request.

Partially sighted and deaf players:
In situations where impairment is determined to be deteriorating, then advice/endorsement on programme involvement must be gained from the National Physical Performance and Classification Manager.

Cerebral Palsy players:
1. Must provide a letter from a consultant detailing the impairment and how it potentially affects the player’s function (physical movement). If the medical information obtained does not provide clarity regarding eligibility then a decision on the player’s programme involvement will be made following consultation with the National Physical Performance and Classification Manager.

Failure to collate this information may affect a player’s ability to progress in the Talent Pathway and will affect the respective Hub's future investment.

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