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The Kent County Football Association support the Kent County Football League in the development of their veterans’ divisions.

The Kent County Football Association support the Kent County Football League in the development of their veterans’ divisions.
Veteran’s football is the fastest growing area in the male pathway. Here in Kent we have over 2300 players registered playing vets football. With this growing demand we must work to provide a structure in which these players can enjoy football.
Kent County League have worked very hard over the years to provide exactly this and they must be commended for their efforts. The time for development and positive change has arrived. The Kent FA are excited and committed to supporting Veteran’s football in the future. 
The KCFL has been running some form of vets Football Now for several season. The KCFL stepped in when provision for vets was very low and have committed resources from day one. The vet’s divisions have proved successful if not a bit challenging at the start in the setting of a format acceptable to most. Since the inception the KCFL have raised it to three divisions of nine a significant increase from the start. A cup competition has also been introduced, along with promotion and relegation between divisions all at the club’s request. In the short period of the KCFL involvement, the KCFL have given the vets divisions some structure with a rule set and regular game experience.
The success of vets football now presents new challenges and indeed could develop further, to do this it is felt that the vets would benefit in time by being a stand alone league run by its own Committee and sourcing and funding its own resources. This will allow it to grow and develop in to a robust and sustainable league in its own right. The KCFL remains committed in supporting this development and work alongside and directly with a newly formed committee, to assist and help them set up and run the league and only when the KCFL feel that they are ready to go it alone they would we step back and let it flourish.
The Continued success as a regional feeder league would allow the KCFL  to commit some resources to the project over a period of time until the new league was able to stand alone. The first challenge will be to find the correct people with drive and commitment to assist in taking this project forward and in that aim the KCFL look forward to working with KFA and other bodies to bring this forward looking plan to fruition.”
The proposal will be supported by Kent FA, primarily hosting appropriate events and meetings to inform clubs and recruit new league officers. 
A series of consultation events will be set up to discuss the leagues plans and to invite volunteers to be involved in the future of the league.
If you would like to keep up to date with developments, please complete the form HERE,
Following this, ongoing support and assistance will be offered to clubs who hold membership to the league in question, supporting positive change over the 2022/23 season.
Kent FA will support and assist the Kent County League to collate club’s input and shape new competitions to not only serve the community but to grow an already thriving veteran’s football offer.
The approach must be timely, targeted and meet the needs of the community who play and wish to play on in the future.
Kent FA will support and assist The Kent County create the best platform with member clubs at the heart.

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