Open Age Football

Changes To Safeguarding Responsibilities In Open Age Adult Football

Kent FA are here to guide clubs and leagues through various changes

Kent FA are here to guide clubs and leagues through the changes to safeguarding responsibilities in Open Age adult football
Listed below are the requirements for open age teams who have 16/17-year-old players, or are likely to sign 16/17-year-old players, to become and remain Safeguarding compliant:
• Adopt and adhere to The FA’s Safeguarding Children Policy:
• Identify which teams have or are likely to have 16/17-year-old players:
• Identify the coaches/managers (including any assistant coaches/managers) and medics for each team:
• Support coaches/managers (including assistant coaches/managers) and medics working with 16/17-year-olds to complete a FA DBS Check:
• Provide 16/17-year-old players with the safeguarding document “Know Your Rights In Football”
Many clubs will already be meeting these requirements, especially those who currently also provide youth football where similar requirements are already in place.
Kent FA is here to help you with this process and are committed to creating safe and enjoyable football for all. For further information or advice please contact our Safeguarding team at or call the office on 01622 791850.