Focus Group - Female Health in the Grassroots Game

Calling all those involved in the women's or girls' game!

The Football Association is currently conducting a research study into the state of play regarding the support and education around female health in the game.

This is to ensure that football is a welcoming and supportive environment for all and women and girls thrive. The research is already underway in the pro-game and we are now looking to understand the experience of female players and seek the views of those who work with women and girls, across the grassroots game.

This is where we need you!

We are organising a number of one-hour online group discussions during the first three weeks of May. Some of the topics discussed may include menstrual cycle, pelvic floor, breast health, life stages (e.g. puberty, pregnancy, menopause), equipment, facilities and culture. If you are an adult female player, female referee, or a male or female coach for a women's team, who would like to help shape the future for women and girls in football and are happy to talk about your views and experiences of these topics in a small group of around six others, we would love to hear from you.

If there is anyone else you know who you think may be interested in participating please do share this opportunity with them – we would love to hear from as many people as possible!

Register by clicking the button below. Deadline for registration is 20th April 2023.


Please note: For these focus group discussions, it is important we select people from different clubs and leagues across the country to capture a wide range of views and experiences. Therefore, not everyone can be invited to take part in these in-depth discussions. If, however, you do not hear from us, we will be seeking your views via our female health survey which we will be sending out to everyone involved in grassroots football in June so please do keep an eye out!

If you are selected, the organisation we are working with on this project, The Well HQ, will contact you via email with the date for the discussion. As a ‘thank you’ for taking part in the focus group, you will receive a £15 Footlocker voucher.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact surveys@thefa.com