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Kent FA launch Youth Engagement Fund

The Youth Engagement Fund is designed to help clubs a voice to their young people.

Kent FA is kicking off the 2023/2024 season with the launch of a funding opportunity for its clubs, through the creation of a brand new Youth Engagement Fund.

The fund, which runs from the 1st to 18th August 2023, has been launched to encourage affiliated clubs with youth teams within the county to explore new ways to provide a platform for and listen to the voices of young people and ensure they get to have a say and play an active role in how their club is run. Kent FA is giving clubs the chance to apply for funding of up to £300 for a project that allows clubs to listen and engage their young players on and off the pitch in different ways, letting them have a say in key decisions.

SafeFootball Development Officer for Youth Football and Mini Soccer Toby Elgar said “Decisions are made all the time in youth football by coaches, managers and committee members that affect and impact the young players within their clubs, but how often do they consult or ask what the players think before making that decision? This fund is designed to change exactly that, to encourage clubs to involve their young players in decision making and give them a say in the running of their clubs, so we look forward to seeing the ideas clubs come up with!”

Clubs are encouraged to be creative as possible with their applications, so all ideas and initiatives will be welcomed! Whether that be setting up an in-house club youth council, purchasing player suggestion boxes, launching a campaign within the club based on an issue players feel passionately about, putting in place a young person’s liaison officer or upskilling volunteers on how to engage better with their players and young people or something totally different, it is up to you.

To apply for the Youth Engagement Fund, you will need to fill in an online application form, which can be found here.

Once the application window has closed, the applications will be reviewed, and clubs will then be notified of their success shortly after this. All successful clubs will be expected to be part of a monitoring and evaluation process to ensure the funding is spent on the project specified and to help ensure of the projects sustainability once the funding has run out. Monitoring and evaluation will take place 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months from the date of the funding being awarded.

Below are a couple of resources that may help when looking at putting together an application, including a document around how you can provide a voice for your young players, created by the Kent FA Youth Council:



Should you have any questions or like to find out more, please contact Toby Elgar, Football Development Officer (Youth & Mini Soccer), on