Luci Levett reaches 250 volunteering hours with Next Gen

A huge congratulations to Luci Levett from Cranbrook Juniors FC for being the first to hit 250 volunteering hours through our Next Generation App!

We want to congratulate Luci Levett of Cranbrook Juniors FC, who has achieved an impressive milestone by accumulating 250 volunteering hours through the Kent FA Next Generation App.

Luci's commitment to grassroots football is commendable and serves as an example for young volunteers across Kent.

next gen homeAt 24 years old, Luci Levett has made a significant impact as a Coach and Club Welfare Officer at Cranbrook Juniors FC. Beyond coaching, she also takes on the role of a Mental Health Champion, emphasising the players' well-being. This comprehensive approach aligns with the values of grassroots football, where volunteers like Luci play a vital role in nurturing players' skills and personal growth.

Luci's journey into volunteering is relatable and inspiring. She began as a coach for the Little Tekkers group, showcasing her willingness to contribute even in smaller capacities. Through consistent dedication, she progressed to working with the first team. Her story underscores the potential for personal growth that volunteering offers.

Reflecting on the significance of volunteering, Luci shares, "Volunteering means a lot to me; it's a core part of my life, and I couldn't imagine being without it." 

Her sentiments resonate with many who generously give their time to grassroots football. Luci's advice to those considering volunteering is straightforward: "Give it a try and start small. Volunteering is a valuable way to gain experience, even if you can spare just an hour a week."

For individuals aged 13 to 25 passionate about grassroots football, the Kent FA Next Generation App offers a platform to gain recognition and rewards for your efforts. As Luci's experience demonstrates, the app tracks your volunteering hours and celebrates your contributions to the sport. 

To start earning rewards on your volunteering hours, download the app on Android and iOS today.