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Get involved in Adult Male Football in Kent

Learn more about the opportunities for adult men to play football in our county.

Each month, we will catch up with different Kent FA team members to find out more about their area of the game. This month, we caught up with Harry Burgess, Football Development Officer, to learn more about the adult male game in Kent.

burgessFootball is the most popular sport in the world, and we aim to use the sport as a catalyst for improved physical, mental and social well-being of people in Kent. Here at the Kent FA, we aim to improve the quality of provision available to those playing football in the County, irrespective of any perceived barriers, such as an individual's age.

What does the Adult Male Pathway look like in Kent?

The Adult Male Pathway is a hugely popular aspect of the game in Kent. Below shows the sheer scale of the adult male game across the County. 

  • 23,154 adult male players
  • 399 adult male clubs
  • 873 adult male teams
  • 18 adult male leagues

What is included in the Adult Male Pathway?

The adult male pathway in Kent is a foundation for passionate players looking to engage in the beautiful game at a community level. Local clubs and recreational leagues form the initial stage, providing opportunities for individuals at varying levels to enjoy the game. Emphasising camaraderie and sportsmanship, these grassroots leagues create a supportive environment for players to develop their abilities. The grassroots pathway in Kent nurtures individual skills and fosters a love for the game, contributing to the vibrant football culture within our local communities. So the Adult Male Pathway looks like this:

  • Open Age Football – open-age football is football for those 16 and older. This is the biggest single age group in football. 
  • Vets Football – Vets football is football for those aged 35 and older. There is also now a County Master's League for players who are 45 and older. 
  • Walking Football – Walking football is a small-sided format of the game, with a variation on the rules. This is traditionally aimed at players who are 50 and older, with the Kent FA Walking Football League having 50+ and 60+ Division. 

What programmes does the Kent FA offer in this area of the game?

CALM Kickabouts

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CALM Kickabouts are sessions designed to support men who want to play football to improve their well-being, meet new people, and reconnect with the sport. The benefit of the sessions includes bringing people back into the game, including people who have often stopped playing or need more confidence to play in structured grassroots competition pathways. The benefit to these people has been seen first-hand this season. Attendees have built positive relationships and enjoyed routine football sessions and fitness-based benefits. 

Kent FA Community Cup

The Kent FA Community Cup is a football competition aimed primarily at businesses and organisations based in Kent that would like to offer a structured football competition to their employees. Using football as a vehicle to bring employees together, the competition's success has been reflected by the positive feedback received from players and organisations. 

England Football Accreditation

We work with clubs across the County to support them in achieving England Football Accreditation. To become accredited, you need to meet certain criteria. This reflects that the club has the appropriate qualifications and adopts the relevant policies. Each year, there is a revalidation period, where clubs must process their accreditation to ensure they are still meeting the criteria.