Head of Youth Council Erin reaches 250 volunteering hours

Inspiring the Next Generation.

Congratulations to our Head of Youth Council, Erin Jarvis-Baker, for hitting 250 volunteering hours through the Kent FA Next Generation App!

We want to extend our sincere congratulations to Erin Jarvis-Baker at Maidstone United Raiders, who has achieved an impressive milestone by accumulating 250 volunteering hours through the Kent FA Next Generation App. Erin's support for the game through the Kent FA Youth Council and Maidstone's Disability Provision has been truly inspiring.

Erin took on significant responsibility when she joined our Youth Council in 2021. With dedication, she became the head of the Youth Council at the age of sixteen this year. As a part of our Youth Council, Erin collaborates with the Kent FA Board and contributes to the disability working group. We deeply appreciate everything she does for the Kent FA and the community.

Beyond the Kent FA, Erin volunteers as a coach for Maidstone United Raiders, a disability club, showcasing her commitment to inclusivity in the game.

Reflecting on her experience, Erin shares, "I love the people I have met and how much of an impact I can have on them. I love giving others a sense of achievement that they might not feel elsewhere." When asked about advice for others interested in volunteering, she expressed, "It's a great skill to have, and you gain so much experience from it. Helping others and seeing how you can make a difference within many environments."

For individuals aged 13 to 25 passionate about grassroots football, the Kent FA Next Generation App provides a platform to gain recognition and rewards for your efforts. As Erin's experience demonstrates, the app tracks your volunteering hours and celebrates your contributions to the game. To get involved, visit the link below:

Kent FA Next Gen App - Kent FA