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Fundraising 101 - Getting free funds

Free funds sound too good to be true, right?

We have news for you – it isn’t! Thanks to easyfundraising, your club can receive free funding whenever anyone within your club or local community shops online.

Here’s how:

Coach John is planning a club gathering, but his trusty BBQ is looking tired. Instead of visiting the B&Q website, John heads to easyfundraising’s website first and then clicks on the B&Q link. 

easyfundraising directs John to B&Q, where he browses as normal and makes a purchase. Because John started at easyfundraising first, his club will receive free funding directly from B&Q. Meaning John’s happy with his new purchase and his club is delighted they have benefited from John’s smart shopping.

The best bit is that it’s not just B&Q offering free funding – it’s Amazon, eBay, Just Eat, Screwfix, John Lewis, Nike, Argos, and over 7,500 other well-known brands. This means whatever the purchase, there’s free funding available!

This year alone, clubs across the UK have received their share of nearly half a million pounds from easyfundraising. Follow these simple steps to make sure your club gets a share:

1) Sign your club up to easyfundraising. It takes less than two minutes.

2) As you go through the registration process book a call with a fundraising expert. It’s free, and you’ll get lots of advice on making easyfundraising work for your club.

3) Now it’s time to start telling your club and local community how they can support you.

Happy fundraising!

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