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New Veo Starter Subscription - Designed for Grassroots Clubs

Lowest Subscription Price Ever!

We are delighted to share that our partners, Veo, have released a brand-new subscription plan that will enable more clubs at all levels and age groups to film their matches.

Veo's new "Starter Subscription" allows clubs to film up to 5 games/month at a price of £359/year - 40% less than our traditional club subscription. 

With this reduced subscription cost you can also combine our £200 discount on the camera bringing the camera, subscription, and tripod cost down to Veo's lowest price EVER! 

The starter subscription does come with limitations. You can only use it for one team, you can only film five games per month, and you do not qualify to purchase analytics or live streaming. However, if at any point clubs do want to upgrade and change it's very straightforward.

Please follow our partner link below to either buy online or get in touch with a Veo professional for more information.

This offer will end on 31 March 2023.