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Kent FA Female Walking Football Festival held

This weekend saw us host the Female Walking Football Festival at YMCA, Maidstone.

On Saturday, 6th April, the Kent FA Female Walking Football Festival was held at the YMCA in Maidstone, with four teams from across the County participating.

The Female Walking Football Festival hosted by Kent FA on Saturday, 6th April, was a delightful affair, brimming with a vibrant community spirit. Teams including Crystal Palace for Life, Tonbridge Tiger Sloths, Canterbury Old Bags, and Margate, came together for a day of recreational football, creating an atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and friendly competition.

The tournament format fostered an atmosphere of inclusivity and enjoyment. Each team had the opportunity to play against others once, emphasising participation and excitement. The day commenced with Palace for Life facing Tonbridge Tiger Sloths, setting the tone for a day filled with joy and passion for the sport. Similarly, Canterbury Old Bags and Margate had an exciting game for their opening fixture.

As the tournament unfolded, the focus remained on the shared experience of playing, learning, and enjoying the game together. Matches were closely contested, with teams displaying determination and sportsmanship on the field. While victories were celebrated, the emphasis was on the collective enjoyment of the event rather than the outcome of individual matches.

Reflecting on the significance of the day, Football Development Assistant Kelvin Newell said: “The tournament highlighted the growing importance of female walking football. It showcased not only the enjoyment and passion of the players but also the inclusivity of the sport. By providing opportunities for women of all ages to participate, we're breaking down barriers and demonstrating that football truly is for everyone. I urge anyone curious about this sport to get involved; it offers a unique blend of physical activity, social connection, and mental well-being benefits.

"A big thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated.” 

For more information about walking football please email Development@KentFA.com