Meet our partner - Aford Awards

Get to know our Trophy Partner.

In the realm of football where victories are celebrated and achievements honoured, last month we announced that we have joined forces with Kent-based trophy and awards company, Aford Awards, who have joined the Kent FA family as our Official Trophy Partner. 

Meet Aford Awards, a leading name in sports recognition that is making waves in the Kent football community with its innovative approach to providing awards that capture the spirit of the beautiful game. With a keen understanding of the significance of accolades in football culture, Aford Awards has distinguished itself by offering a diverse range of customizable trophies and awards to commemorate a wide array of achievements. From championship trophies to individual player awards, Aford Awards works diligently to create special pieces that reflect the dedication and passion of the recipients. 

We caught up with Rob Ferguson, Sales & Production Director at Aford Awards to find out more about them.  

For those who don’t know much about Aford Awards, can you tell us more about the business?

“Aford Awards specialise in engraving & supplying personalised trophies for all ranges of presentations. From the F1 Grand Prix Silverstone trophy to a School Sports Day Medal, Aford will cater for all. Specifically strong in the motorsport and football market, Aford is keen to increase the outreach to local clubs and leagues for the season by offering a 10% discount on all orders when clubs and leagues quote KENTFA10.”

How long has Aford Awards been around?

“40 Years – Family run for 30 & Investment owned for 10.”

You are the Kent FA’s Official Trophy Partner – why did you decide to join Kent FA in partnership?

“We could clearly see a synergy between the products that we offer and the products that both the Kent FA & and clubs/leagues associated with the Kent FA are purchasing. If both Aford can increase their outreach and clubs/leagues can save some cash with the partnership, then we see that as a ‘win-win’.”

Aford Awards has a long-standing relationship with many clubs and leagues in the Kent football community. What is it about football that appeals to you so much? 

“We love the fact that all football clubs not only reward outstanding achievements & and accolades, but it’s also to do with the ‘taking part’ and inclusivity of being a team. Yes, of course, that involves supplying a lot of trophies, but in this day and age we believe that rewarding participation goes a long way in teenagers and the younger still in promoting solid growth into young adulthood.”

Can you tell us something that not many people may know about Aford Awards?

“We once supplied the ‘World Tight Pulling’ Championship their trophies!”

What are you most excited about with the partnership between Kent FA and Aford Awards?

“Expanding our reach within the football industry for sure but specifically cementing relationships with football clubs in the local area.”

Aford Awards are generously supporting the Kent Grassroots Football Awards 2024. What are you most looking forward to on this inspiring evening?

“Rewarding success! That’s our bread and butter and entirely engrained in the ethos of the business. Being able to recognise success and reward it, is what motivates both myself and the team around us.”

Aford Awards has a special offer for our Kent clubs and leagues. If you place an order through them on their website,, and quote KENTFA10, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your order. So, whether it's tournament trophies, end-of-season presentation awards, or participation acknowledgment, Aford Awards has you covered. 

As football continues to captive audiences from across the county, Aford Awards remains at the forefront in trophy and award design, empowering clubs, and leagues to celebrate success in style. With its unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, Aford Awards are poised to continue transforming the football recognition landscape for years to come. 

If you would like to find out more about Kent FA's partnerships, please contact Claire Whybrew, Head of Marketing and Partnerships at