Walking football is a popular, and growing, format of the game

Walking Football

Walking football is a slower paced version of the beautiful game.

This encourages accessibility to participants who are over 50 years of age or who are experiencing health problems. The slow pace, lack of physical contact and social cohesion offers an environment that is full of physical, social and mental benefits. The sport is continuing to grow and develop in both a recreational sense, which will see players turn up and play, but also in a competitive environment in which fixtures are arranged against other sessions.

Since January 2014, Kent FA has invested over £25,000 into developing Recreational Football Session all over the county so whether you’re looking for a social kick about or to find your competitive edge, we have something to suit you in Kent.

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Social Benefits: 
Walking Football has incredible social benefits for the casual participant. It is an opportunity to meet new people, to be part of a group, and to rekindle a sense of camaraderie within a team environment. Team sport builds confidence, develops friendships, and encourages social opportunities away from the football pitch. Most of our sessions are followed by a visit to the site café which gives everyone an opportunity to foster relationships off the field.

Mental Benefits
A study carried out among older men in Dublin showed that they have high levels of satisfaction and psychological reward from walking football. It also showed that despite the body having to work hard, the mind was more relaxed and there was a reduction in stress. Due to the continuous thinking and decision making that goes into walking football, participants are more likely to develop a long-term enthusiasm for exercise. (P.Reddy, Aston University).

Physical Benefits 
Active adults have a 20-30% reduced risk of premature death and 50% less risk of chronic disease. But by the age of 55-64, only 32% of men say that they take the recommended 30 minutes of strenuous exercise five times a week. Football is one answer to this concern. Older people who play Walking Football have more muscle, harder bones, better cardiovascular systems and more jumping height and strength. This applies especially to women. 

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