Inclusive Football at Bedwell Rangers

Being An Inclusive Club

Players with an impairment or disability don’t just play in pan disability or impairment specific environments, they play in mainstream football too and many might not even realise this!

This means it is more important than ever for clubs to understand how they can create an inclusive environment for their players.

Supporting a player with an impairment or disability does not need to be complicated and does not require great time or resource to have an impact.

Just little changes and adaptations can make a huge difference to the experience a player with an impairment may have at their football club and make it a more inclusive environment to play within! 

Organisations such as the Activity Alliance (Formerly the English Federation of Disability Sport) offer resources as well as courses for clubs and coaches that are there to help and guide them in welcoming or supporting players with impairments to their club or session. The Activity Alliance also provides a toolkit which will give clubs and coaches ideas, methods and resources to ensure everyone has a positive club experience through their Inclusion Club Hub tool. 

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Get In Touch

Toby Elgar
– Football Development Officer (Inclusion)

By Phone: 01622 792140
(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

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Coaching Opportunities 

The FA currently offer coaches the opportunity to undertake a Disability Football Introduction Online Course.

It is a short 30-minute course that is designed to help coaches examine how to support individuals within their team, whatever their ability level. 

To enrol on the online course, please click here

From time to time, Kent FA will also run specific CPD events to support the disability workforce within Kent. 

The following courses are also available from other organisations to help coaches make sessions more inclusive, or to raise awareness on more specific areas of football.

Activity Alliance and Sainsbury’s Inclusive Training

Disability Awareness in Sport

Talent ID Workshop

As part of the FA’s Para Talent Football Pathway, the FA ask County FA’s to run a Para Talent ID workshop for coaches, clubs and leagues, which will help individuals identify talented players with an impairment in either a mainstream or disability environment, so they can be signposted to the pathway and opportunities to progress and develop.

If you would be interested in attending a Talent ID Workshop or if you would like more details, please contact Toby Elgar, Football Development Officer (Inclusion):