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Youth football focuses on providing young players aged from 5 to 21 years-old, opportunities to play football, develop their skills in a safe, friendly, fun environment and enjoy the game they love. Youth football takes place in several different environments across the County.

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img 1Recreational football is a great way to take your first steps into football, where you can begin to learn the game, develop new football skills, enhance your social skills and fall in love with the game, in a pressure free, non-competitive environment.

Typically, recreational football sessions will be held weekly or throughout school holidays, allowing you to spend time with the ball individually in small groups.

To find out more information on our recommend football providers across Kent, who are affiliated to the Kent FA and part of our Licensed Football Provider Programme, please visit our Licensed Football Providers Programme page, where you can find a session that is happening, local to you!


img 6Affiliated club football is a great environment to further enhance your love for the game, whilst getting access to FA qualified coaches and being part of a community with a pathway to continue your development and enjoyment within football. Playing for an affiliated club ensures that you are in an environment with the correct standards, where discipline is maintained and protects players, clubs, officials and administrators throughout the game.

An affiliated club will typically participate within an affiliated league, County FA competitions and sanctioned tournaments, which all provide an additional opportunity to develop and experience the game in a range of different settings.


Affiliated youth clubs play in affiliated youth leagues, playing within these environments are a great way to continue your learning and involvement within football and can be a positive introduction to competitive football.

An affiliated league is a recognition that the competition is taking place under the governance of the National Governing Body for Football, meaning that it will be subject to the FA’s Disciplinary processes, provide an additional safeguard to players and officials and have access to FA Qualified Referees.

In Kent, there are currently 9 affiliated Boys Youth Leagues:

Ashford and District Youth League
East Kent Youth League
Faversham and District Youth League
Kent Youth League
Maidstone Minor Football League
Maidstone Boys Primary League
Maidstone Invicta Primary League
Medway Messenger Youth League
North Kent Youth League

There are an additional 2 Youth Leagues in Kent focused on girls’ football and disability football:

Kent Girls and Ladies League
Kent Disability Football League

img 7

img 8Futsal is an exciting, fast paced modality of football, the nature of the game places a large emphasis on technical skill and ability in situations of high pressure.

Many of the top world class footballers played Futsal in their youth and credit it with supporting their footballing development.

To find out more information on the rules and how you can get involved in Futsal within your local community, visit the FA's dedicated Futsal page.

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To find out more information on Youth Football, please contact our Football Development Officer (Youth & Mini Soccer) on Toby.Elgar@KentFA.com

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