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Sun Safety for Youth Players

Sun Safety For Youth Players & Coaches 

We have joined forces with the Melanoma Fund to encourage sun safety in summer.

Kent FA has joined forces with the Melanoma Fund to enhance sun safety protocols during training sessions and tournaments in summer. The initiative seeks to foster healthier habits and increase awareness about the risks of skin cancer among coaches and young players, ensuring their well-being remains a top priority.

Sunburn doubles the risk of melanoma later in life, underscoring the importance of sun protection in all outdoor activities, particularly football, where shade is scarce and outdoor exposure is often prolonged. Implementing an efficient sun protection regimen during sessions and tournaments can pose challenges; therefore, by working with the Melanoma Fund, we are making it easy and accessible for all.

Get accredited!

To maximise impact, we urge our clubs to achieve 'OK Accreditation' through the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code—an online educational resource for those interacting with youth players children. This resource promotes five fundamental rules: 

  • sun protection accredPREPARE: Ensure that everyone arrives ready for a day in the sun 
  • PROTECT: Use clothing, hats/sunglasses, and sunscreen (SPF30+) reapplied at breaks 
  • SHADE:  Avoid direct sunlight during lunch or whilst spectating others 
  • HYDRATE: Ensure water is always available 
  • LEAD BY EXAMPLE:  Inspire children with your own actions

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Join Our Free Sun Safety workshop

To learn more about what we are doing, why not join our FREE Kent Club & League Virtual Workshop on Monday on Monday 13 May 2024. Experts from the Melanoma Fund will be on hand to provide more tips on keeping you and young players sun safe at tournaments, training sessions and soccer schools this summer.


Take the course

Considering the rising temperatures and increasing rates of skin cancer in the UK, we strongly advise our coaches to delve deeper with Sunguarding: Sun and heat protection for sports and outdoor activities.

This groundbreaking online course, developed by the Melanoma Fund, is the first of its kind. By completing it, you'll earn 3CPD points and Sunguarding Accreditation*, ensuring that your outdoor sessions are future-proofed against sun-related risks.

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*Please note that the CPD points do not count towards the FA accredited points, which is what coaches need to retain their coaching level status. 

Win an award

We're introducing a prestigious 'Sun Safety Award' to recognise clubs that demonstrate exceptional commitment to sun safety practices and actively engage in sharing their experiences.

Club stories will be featured by both Kent FA and the Melanoma Fund to inspire others and promote a culture of proactive sun protection within the wider football community.

Submit your club's experiences and images at

For more information about the Melanoma Fund and their sun safety initiatives, visit

Downloadable Posters

Melanoma Fund have provided posters you can download to promote sun safety at your club.

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Download the full sized images here and here.