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CPD Events

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Learning and development is an active, continuous process. It's a journey that never ends. And one that is shaped by experiences and learning opportunities gathered anywhere, anytime.

To support your journey, The FA provides a range of learning opportunities for you to engage with. From events in your region to online resources to in situ mentoring, you can access the development support that will make the biggest impact to you and your role.

We will post details on this page of any upcoming CPD events.

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Kent FA youth council Campaign highlights
The Kent FA Youth Council are attempting to get more people involved in grassroots football, and have produced a series of videos to showing the different pathways available. The Youth Council decided to run this campaign in response to falling participation figures in the sport and a worrying drop-off in player numbers in the 16-19 year old age group. 
Supported by members of Kent FA staff, the Youth Council collaborated with Fixers UK, a charity which supports young people across the UK to take action and change things for the better, orchestrate a campaign tackling foul and abusive language in the game.
The Kent FA Youth Council aim to sign up 2015 young people to the Football Futures programme by this time next year. The Kent FA Football Futures programme is intended to support young people interested in volunteering in football by rewarding them for their volunteering and providing opportunities for them to receive training, gain experience and meet other young volunteers in the game. 
Over a very special two week campaign the Kent FA Youth Council shinned the spotlight with daily features on some of Kent’s brilliant volunteers while sharing good practice to support clubs and leagues to recruit and recognise its workforce. Over the course of the two weeks the Kent FA Youth Council ambassadors and staff also carried out ten surprise visits and presentations to some of our very special volunteers.