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Football Tournaments are led by Affiliated Football Clubs, usually in the summer period.

All tournaments that involve affiliated football clubs in Kent MUST be sanctioned by Kent FA. 
Following a review, there is now a new process to sanction tournaments in Kent:
1. Complete and submit the our online application form using the button below, and we will get back to you within 14 days
2. Notify us of all of the teams that will be at your competition. We will ask you this 1 month before your tournament and we require it back 14 days before the tournament begins.
3. Once this form has been completed then you will need to make the sanctioning payment of £35.00 to Kent FA.

Failing to sanction a tournament involving affiliated teams could breach FA Regulations. Please ensure that any tournaments your club will attend are sanctioned with Kent FA.

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With the playing season coming to an end, summer tournaments are upon us. Tournaments offer fantastic playing experiences for all participants in the game, but it is essential they are played in a safe and protected environment.

With this is mind it is important to remind clubs and referees of their responsibility to ensure they are taking part in Kent FA sanctioned tournaments. Without sanctioning the tournament may not fall under FA regulations and clubs and referees may have issues with areas such as personal accident insurance, public liability insurance and discipline.

Please note, Kent FA is not responsible for the running of the advertised tournaments. Only tournaments that wish to be advertised with Kent FA will be listed below. If you can not see a tournament you are running or attending listed, please email Kent FA on to find out more information on ALL sanctioned tournaments. 

Sugar Smart TournamentS
Football tournaments are a great way for boys and girls of all ages to have fun and be active together.

We want to support our younger players to lead a healthy lifestyle, so they grow up to be healthy adults. 

On average, children consume more than 12 sugar cubes a day – that’s EIGHT more than they should do! Excess sugar consumption leads to obesity and tooth decay. No matter how active you are, too much sugar is definitely bad for you.

You can help! Pledge to run a ‘Sugar Smart’ tournament this year.


What is a Sugar Smart Tournament? 

- No sweet stalls – can you offer fresh fruit instead?
- No sugary fizzy drinks on sale – sugar free options only
- No energy drinks allowed on the sidelines (adults too!)
- Free water refills available

We can order Change4Life information and giveaways for you and provide content for your programme to help you to communicate to parents

Sugar Smart Tournaments

Do you know what's in your drink?