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11v11 Adult Football 


So why not join in?

The traditional 11v11 adult game is played by thousands of players every weekend through Kent.

Kent FA have over 750 affiliated clubs made up over 550 registered 11v11 adult teams, each of whom are involved in regular league football.

There are over 17 adult leagues registered to the Kent FA offering football to both male and female players to enjoy the 11v11 game.

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Information about 11v11 football

We have created a guide to help those looking to set-up a new adult football team. The guide includes helpful information from setting up the team to increasing awareness; so should you be setting up a team in a brand new club or if you are an established club introducing a new adult team we hope you find the guide of use. - You can download it here.

A list of Kent FA registered leagues can be found by clicking here.

In addition to the league competitions, Kent FA runs 25 Kent Reliance County Cups. These include 2 women competitions, and 6 Kent Reliance Junior and Sunday Cups which all grassroots male adult teams can enter. Entry into these clubs is minimal and the deadline to register is usually the first week in August. The Kent FA cups are split into 3 sections decided on playing strength and are regionalised up to the last 16 then it is countywide. All 6 finals are played at the Kent FA Grassroots Finals Weekend. Entry into the Kent FA cups is completed when you affiliate with the Kent FA.


In partnership with the University of Kent, the Kent FA recently completed an investigation into the current state of adult 11v11 football in Kent. Contributions were received from adult players and volunteers involved in adult football in Kent.

The research provided us with our fullest picture yet of the experiences and views of those involved. A fundamental part of the investigation was an online survey as well as focus groups aimed to identify the reasons for the declining numbers of people participating in adult 11v11 football in Kent.

The findings have provided practical solutions and recommendations to overcome the challenges to adult 11v11 football.

You can download a copy of the research paper including the findings and recommendations by clicking here.

Be it work, family commitments or other sports, the reasons for not volunteering and playing our beautiful are greater than ever.

A lack of players, volunteers and management of finances can really affect teams and see them fold.

If you are facing challenges and your team faces the prospect of folding please get in touch using our extra-time service.

The ‘Extra time’ service gives leagues, clubs and volunteers the ability to make the Kent FA aware of any teams that may fold and the opportunity to seek help and advice. If you know of a team which could do with some help then please click here to complete a short questionnaire. 

In addition we have produced two infographics to share ideas and processes to help 11v11 teams avoid folding.

Hold up before you fold up – Lack of finances.
Hold up before you fold up - Lack of players and help.

Looking for players or in need of a volunteer?

Our Perfect Match tool allows you to place an advert to help find players, volunteers, clubs or leagues. All adverts are moderated and only approved adverts will be shown.

You can submit an advert by clicking here.

Download the informative presentation about the True Cost of 11v11 Adult Football by 

clicking here.

It has long been acknowledged that moving young people from a youth environment to an adult competition is a challenge for all sport.

In football the need for transitional support is underlined by the fact that young people’s participation in football halves from 52% of the population in the 13–15 age range to 26% when they are 17–18. 

The challenge for the Kent FA is that some of this drop off is for very plausible’ life’ reasons – starting work, university, socialising and end of parental support – but if a greater proportion of these young people can be retained in the game then adult football would be much healthier.

So how can 11v11 adult teams attract more younger players? Click here for some useful tips.

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