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Veteran's Football

Football is not only the world’s most popular sport, it’s also a great way to keep fit and make friends.

We have a number of veterans’ leagues offering the opportunity to play 11v11 football.

Veteran’s leagues aim to target those who no longer play football and also those who still occasionally get together for a friendly kick-about.

In addition the Kent FA offers a competitive Kent FA County Cup for established teams to pit themselves against other sides from across the County.

Also you can advertise for a club/team using The Perfect Match by clicking here.

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 Veterans' Leagues & Competitions

-  Thanet & District Football League - Mick Green
- Kent County Football League - Gavin Hoare
- Kent FA County Cup - Matt Dixon
Veteran's Football faqs 

Please use our 'Find A Club' app below. You can then select the age group and enter your postcode. This should give you clubs in your area that offer Veteran's football.

Most competitions operate a rule of 35 and over however some provide dispensation for specific positions such as the goalkeeper. Please check with the competition rules before playing.

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