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The Kent FA Football Futures programme is an excellent opportunity for young people to gain further knowledge and insight into various roles within football and can offer the start of a great adventure through volunteering in sport.

The Kent FA Football Futures programme is intended to support young people interested in volunteering in football by rewarding them for their volunteering and providing opportunities for them to receive training, gain experience and meet other young volunteers in the game.

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Luke Baker - Football Development Officer

By Phone: 01622 792140
(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

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The Barber NUFC 0-0 Actonians Association

Why Volunteer? 

Volunteering is a great addition to any young person’s CV and brings its own rewards, but being part of the Kent FA Football Futures programme also gives some extra benefits which you can find in side our Football Futures guide.


The Kent FA Football Futures programme rewards members with on-going support and benefits as our members reach milestones related to the number of hours they volunteer.

The benefits include certificates at every milestone as show below, however certain key milestones come with additional benefits and rewards.

At the 100 hours milestone you will receive an exclusive Kent FA Football Futures t-shirt and feature on the Kent FA website while reaching the 150 hours milestone will see you appointed as a Kent FA Football Futures ambassador and presented with a polo celebrating your achievement.

Should you reach the converted 200 hours milestone you will be inducted into our Kent FA Football Futures ‘Hall of Fame’ on our website. You will also receive a £50 discount on a Kent FA referee or coach education course. Should you have completed these courses already you will be offered a Kent FA Football Futures hoody or rain jacket.

As well as the certificates, you will also be invited to exclusive Kent FA Football Futures workshops aimed to provide a platform for members to share experiences, good practice and learn from experts in subjects such as coaching and refereeing to assist you with your own personal development.

Start Logging your hours

FF Logging Hours

 To make the most of the programme you will need to use our online Football Futures website to log your volunteer hours. The Kent FA is the only County FA Football Futures programme which allows you to log your volunteering hours online using any device.

To register and start logging your hours please click below. You will need to input your user name which is your email address and your password. Should you have trouble logging into the site please contact Lee Suter.

Once logged in you will see your personal dashboard.

Log hours Here


The programme is free and comes with a number of benefits from certificates and kit to workshops and supported development.

Football Futures is currently open to any young person in Kent between the ages of 14 and 24.

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