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Running Sessions for 4, 5 or 6 Year-Olds?

Discover some little-known benefits to affiliating.

Running sessions for 4, 5 or 6 year olds?

Sessions for players that are younger than 6 years old are becoming more common across Kent.

Many of these sessions are not affiliated to Kent FA and this can leave the club and players at risk.

We’ve put together a useful guide for both clubs and parents so they can understand the risks of not affiliating the sessions and advice on how to make sure that our players are playing in a safe, fun and inclusive environment.

Importantly, through affiliation, the club will inform Kent FA who is running the sessions and that they have the correct qualifications to do so. Otherwise, sessions can be run by individuals that might not have the appropriate training and DBS check, which could put both the players and club at risk.

Please note, that even by affiliating these sessions the Standard Code of Rules still prevents any child that has not reached the age of 6 from playing in any kind of fixture.

U5 U6 Football Sessions    U5U6 Sessions

Clubs are able to affiliate an U5 or U6 session at any point in the season by contacting Info@KentFA.com.

For more information about U5 and U6 sessions, please contact Development@KentFA.com.

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