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Kent FA teams up with The Melanoma Fund to promote Sun Safety among youth players this summer

We are partnering with The Melanoma Fund to provide guidance to the Kent football community this summer.

As the summer sun beckons young ballers onto the pitch, The Melanoma Fund and Kent FA are joining forces to ensure youth players stay protected against the harmful effects of sun exposure.

With a focus on sunscreen distribution and coach education, we aim to raise awareness about skin cancer prevention among young people. 

This collaboration signifies proactive steps towards prioritising the health and safety of young footballers in Kent. Through this initiative, the Melanoma Fund will provide sunscreen dispensers to a handful of Kent tournaments this summer, ensuring that players and coaches can easily access essential protection during their matches. 

Online Workshop

In addition to sunscreen distribution, a coaches and volunteers education workshop will be conducted by the Melanoma Fund experts on 13th May 2024, 7-8:00 pm online. Coaches will receive training on recognising the signs of sun damage, implementing sun-safe practices and educating players about the importance of sun protection on and off the pitch.


"Our aim to empower Kent FA's coaches and young players with the knowledge and tools they need to understand the importance of sun protection. By using our resources, sun safety can become a seamless component of every outdoor football session organised by Kent FA.  We hope that this collaboration will inspire other county FAs to follow suit, creating momentum and national impact." Michelle Baker – CEO, Melanoma Fund

Darryl Haden, CEO of Kent FA, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At Kent FA, we are committed to promoting the holistic well-being of young footballers in our county. By collaborating with the Melanoma Fund, we can empower coaches and players with the knowledge and resources they need to stay safe under the sun while enjoying the beautiful game of football this summer.”

The Melanoma Fund and Kent FA partnership represents a proactive approach to sun safety. It ensures that youth players can enjoy their summer football safely while minimising the risk of skin cancer. Together, we are making strides towards a healthier and safer future for young people in Kent. 

For more information about the Melanoma Fund, and their sun safety initiatives, visit 

You can also visit our dedicated Sun Safety for Youth Players page.

If you have inquiries regarding Kent FA and its involvement in promoting youth well-being, contact Toby Elgar, Football Development Officer, at